Big Data Platform Designed and Optimized for IoT

TDengine is an open-source big data platform designed and optimized for Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Vehicles, and Industrial IoT. Besides the 10x faster time-series database, it provides caching, stream computing, message queuing and other functionalities to reduce the complexity and costs of development and operations.


Why TDengine?

10x Faster on Insert/Query Speeds

Through the innovative design on storage, on a single-core, over 20K requests can be processed, millions of data points can be ingested, and over 10 million data points can be retrieved in a second, at least 10 times faster than general databases.

1/5 Hardware/Cloud Service Costs

Compared with typical big data solutions, no more 1/5 of computing resources are required. Via column-based storage and tuned compression algorithms for different data types, less than 1/10 of storage space is needed.

Full Stack for Time-Series Data

By integrating a database with message queuing, caching, and stream computing features together, it is no longer necessary to integrate Kafka/Redis/HBase/Spark or other software. It makes the system architecture much simpler and more robust.

Powerful Data Analysis

Whether it is 10 years or one minute ago, data can be queried just by specifying the time range. Data can be aggregated over time, over multiple time streams or both. Ad Hoc queries or analyses can be executed via the TDengine shell, Python, R or Matlab.

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Telegraf, Grafana, Matlab, R, MQTT and other tools can be integrated with TDengine with few lines of code. OPC, Hadoop, Spark, and many others will be integrated soon.

Zero Management, No Learning Curve

It takes only seconds to download, install, and run it successfully; there are no other dependencies. Automatic partitioning on tables or DBs. SQL like syntax is adopted, together with C/C++, Python, JDBC, Go, RESTful, and Node.JS connectors.

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Performance Comparison

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Use Cases

IT Infrastructure, Servers and Applications Monitoring
Internet of Cars, Trucks, Ships, Bikes, Train, Airplanes
Power Grids, Power Plants, Power Distribution, and Smart Meters
Robotics, Elevators, Excavators, and other Machinery
Oil/Gas Extraction, Oil Refineries, Oil Pipelines
Water, Air and Other Forms of Environmental Monitoring
Smart Homes, Buildings, Parks, and Cities
Records of Internet Access, Phone Usage, and Financial Transactions
Any Internet of Things and Industrial Internet Scenarios
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